Toni Butcher Journalism


unit 3 2.1

Unit 1 Portfolio PowerPoint and Video (Greg)

PowerPoint link:



Unit one tagging and evidence sheet: unit-one-tagging-and-evidence-sheet-greg


Week Two – Research (Greg)

Top 25 words:

This week we looked at  researching a story to write an article on, and we were instructed to craft the first 25 words of our story  in a way that would captivate readers and make them want to read on. I based my article on a shooting in America, and my 25 words were:

Continue reading “Week Two – Research (Greg)”

Week Three – Journalism (Greg)

This week we focused mainly on the journalistic area of the course and the skills we practiced were word choice, tone, style and voice, effective questions and attention grabbing headlines. Continue reading “Week Three – Journalism (Greg)”

Road To My Personal Career Path

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor born August 13th 1982. Stan began his path to acting at the age of 15, and has reportedly experienced a large amount of rejection and judgement since that age. Continue reading “Road To My Personal Career Path”

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