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unit 2 1.1

Week 6: Craft, Show & Don’t Tell, Syntax & Metaphor and Word Choice (Greg)


This week we looked at the crafting and syntax of our writing. Our main task of this week was to find a piece of our written work that we wish to improve in stages. I chose to draft and improve my setting description piece of writing. Continue reading “Week 6: Craft, Show & Don’t Tell, Syntax & Metaphor and Word Choice (Greg)”


Research Profile Power Point (Leasa)

This is the link to my Research Profile Power Point


Week 5: Theme, Tone and Genre (Greg)

Theme: the subject of a piece of writing – a topic.

Genre: literary styles or conventions

Tone: the attitude and characteristics of a place, situation, piece of writing etc. Continue reading “Week 5: Theme, Tone and Genre (Greg)”

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research is a form of research that will give you measurable results, in a statistical form, relating to measuring the quantity. This form of research is generally used to collect information from a large population, and entails closed questions. Continue reading “Qualitative and Quantitative Research”

RESEARCH: Official and Unofficial 1.1

Secondary Research: Homophobia

What are official and unofficial sources? Why do we use them?

Official sources: e.g: Kent Police and Kent Highway Agency. Information released by authorities for journalists to use. This could be an official announcement about a situation, something that the authorities are happy to be revealed to the public.

Unofficial sources: e.g: Twitter and Facebook. Unofficial information that is not released, by authorities, but written by the public, and also not written for journalists. This could be a post on a social networking site from a witness of a situation.

Continue reading “RESEARCH: Official and Unofficial 1.1”

Week One – Skills (Greg)

Descriptive Writing: The craft of exploring and describing the setting of a person, a place, an object or an event.

One way that I put this skill to use was by completing a ‘Why I Write’ task issued to the class by our tutor.

Continue reading “Week One – Skills (Greg)”

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