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unit 1 1.2

Unit 1 Portfolio PowerPoint and Video (Greg)

PowerPoint link:



Unit one tagging and evidence sheet: unit-one-tagging-and-evidence-sheet-greg


Week 7: Poetic devices (Greg)

This week we focused on poetry and the devices used in it to make it effective. Continue reading “Week 7: Poetic devices (Greg)”

Demonstrate Adobe Photoshop (Alma)

pulp-fiction-minimalist-poster Continue reading “Demonstrate Adobe Photoshop (Alma)”

Week 6: Craft, Show & Don’t Tell, Syntax & Metaphor and Word Choice (Greg)


This week we looked at the crafting and syntax of our writing. Our main task of this week was to find a piece of our written work that we wish to improve in stages. I chose to draft and improve my setting description piece of writing. Continue reading “Week 6: Craft, Show & Don’t Tell, Syntax & Metaphor and Word Choice (Greg)”

Week 5: Theme, Tone and Genre (Greg)

Theme: the subject of a piece of writing – a topic.

Genre: literary styles or conventions

Tone:¬†the¬†attitude and characteristics of a place, situation, piece of writing etc. Continue reading “Week 5: Theme, Tone and Genre (Greg)”

Adobe Photoshop Skills Evaluation (Alma)

portrait-image-overlay Continue reading “Adobe Photoshop Skills Evaluation (Alma)”

Week Four – Storytelling (Greg)

This week we focused on storytelling, and we explored to skills of character, plot and setting. Continue reading “Week Four – Storytelling (Greg)”

Week Two – Research (Greg)

Top 25 words:

This week we looked at  researching a story to write an article on, and we were instructed to craft the first 25 words of our story  in a way that would captivate readers and make them want to read on. I based my article on a shooting in America, and my 25 words were:

Continue reading “Week Two – Research (Greg)”

Week Three – Journalism (Greg)

This week we focused mainly on the journalistic area of the course and the skills we practiced were word choice, tone, style and voice, effective questions and attention grabbing headlines. Continue reading “Week Three – Journalism (Greg)”

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