This week was the week that I presented my Pitch to Greg and Leasa.

Although I cannot work the video situation of my presentation out at the moment, my pitch went well and I got a lot of feedback from both Greg and Leasa which has helped me to make some new decisions on my FMP.

The first thing that Greg and Leasa pointed out was my target audience, and they brought up the idea that I perhaps my minimalist idea for my magazine would be too minimal for my age group, so taking that feedback on board I changed my target audience to people between the ages of 18 and 30, and made sure that I still discussed the idea that my magazine could be enjoyed by anyone of any age, gender, sexual preference and occupation. Another point that Greg and Leasa discussed with my within my target audience is that my magazine would also be suitable for dance teachers and students.

Using the feedback that Greg and Leasa gave me, I went back to my proposal and changed small parts of my writing to improve the original.