This week we made a PowerPoint or our pitch explaining what we want to do with our FMP, which will be presented to Greg next week. The main other thing that we looked at doing this week was writing the proposal for the FMP.

Pitch – FMP Pitch

Proposal – FMP Proposal

One of the biggest issues I had this week was how to structure and create my pitch, because I wasn’t sure what the pitch needed to have on it, and wasn’t sure what I needed to include. To figure out what needed to go into my pitch I looked at the PowerPoint that Greg had uploaded to the blog to help me checklist all the things that I needed to cover in my pitch.

Greg’s PowerPoint – FMP week 5

When writing my proposal I already had in mind what my project was going to be and I knew that the topic I would be writing about was not particularly known by many. As I knew that I was going to be writing about Modern South Korean Dance Culture, I realised that there isn’t as many articles out there on this topic as there could be, and many people reading mine could be hearing about the topic for this first time ever, so I realised whilst writing my proposal that my article will have to focused, but in a broader way, meaning that I cannot just focus