Our second project of this college year was called ‘The Walk’, and our task was to create a booklet based on a route of a location of our choice. We were told to create at least five stories in any genre of our choice and create a booklet to go along with the stories. We were taught how to use the InDesign software to create our booklet, and we used Photoshop to edit images and Audition to edit audio. 

My finished booklet: Project 2 The Walk Final Booklet

My online ‘Flip’ version: Project 2 The Walk Final Booklet Flip Version

Project Two audio files power point: Project Two The Walk Audio Files


The first process of the project was the initial research. To begin with I chose Reculver as my choice of location for my walk, and I decided to start with doing some research on the history of the main tourist attraction in the area – Reculver Roman Fort.

I carried out some primary research by visiting the area and taking photographs of the five places that I had chosen to write my stories at. I used the photos that I took when I visited the area in my booklet, and I also used some of the information that I read on signs in the area within some of my stories.

In terms of secondary research, I carried out a little amount of research online, but my main source of secondary information was from stories that I was told by my grandfather. My grandfather has a lot on history and knowledge of the Reculver area, so i decided that asking him some questions would help my writing a little. This was a good idea because it really helped to spark my imagination when it came to create the fictional story-lines that I used in majority of my stories.


The writing process of this project was somewhat the most difficult area for me. My initial decision was to write completely fictional stories based purely off of my own imagination, however when I completed the first three stories in this genre I found that I was not satisfied with the quality of my writing. After this, I decided that I would start my stories over again, but i made sure to do some more research on my location before writing them which would hopefully give me some inspiration on how to write my stories in a better quality.

Researching the historical background of Reculver really helped me when rewriting my stories as I made sure that my stories fitted in with the history of the area. When writing my stories the second time around I made sure to go into more detail as the first time round one of my problems with my pieces was that they were not long enough in my opinion, so I made sure that I righted that issue when I wrote them again.

Once I had written all five of my stories, I began to go through each individual piece and edit each of them. This was the easiest part of my writing process as I have had quite a lot of practice in editing my word choice and sentence structure and other techniques throughout the college year so far. I think I can confidently say that my strengths within the writing process was editing my own work.

I went into more detail in my writing on my blog posts for weeks 4, 5, 6 and 7.


The Photoshop process of this project was not a very large area for me, as I actually did not use the software as much as I had expected to, however I did use it for one image in my booklet and I found it fairly simple to use.

Having prior knowledge and skills on the software from our classes with Alma really helped me to get the editing of my image done quickly and smoothly without hardly any errors.

As for areas of improvement for Photoshop I think that the only thing I could say is that next time I need to try to use the software more to allow myself to have better quality images and to make my work a little more interesting perhaps.

Audio (Blog post for week three):

Personally, I think that audio was the worst area for me. I originally recorded the audio for all five of my stories, to then have them lost, which resulted in me having to record them again, but by the time I had recorded them I didn’t have enough time to edit any of them.

I think that in the future I will make sure that audio is the one thing that I get done as soon as I have finished writing and editing my stories, because I definitely did not anticipate how long it would take to edit audio files.

If I was to be completely honest, I don’t think I actually have any areas of strength in the process, however if I were to repeat this process I would do everything that I had done this time, differently.

I think I could improve on this entire section of the project, but if I had to be specific then I would honestly say that I needed to focus on editing more than anything. The editing of my audio is something that I think I would have enjoyed doing, and bringing my stories to life would have been something I would’ve loved doing, but considering I didn’t get around to it, I think it’s something I would need to do better next time.

Overall Product (Blog post for week ten) :

Overall, I am completely satisfied with the product that I created. When I first started this project I had a mental image of what I almost wanted the end booklet to look like, and so as I followed that vision throughout the duration of this project, the result got better and better, and I ended up with something that I didn’t even imagine.

Of course I found many parts of this project challenging, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed creating this booklet, and many of the skills that I have learned throughout this project will be used in my FMP, and throughout the remainder of this course.

As a conclusion, I think that my weakest section of the project, and the area I need to improve on is the audio section. My strongest area, and the area I felt very confident in was the writing process in the end.