This week in Celia’s class we continued to finish our booklet designs, and we also learned a Photoshop technique. We also visited the University of Kent, and we visited the CSR Radio Station.


The end result of the Photoshop session was:

Bus Stop Photoshop Image

To create this image, we began with two images provided to us by Celia, and they were:

To begin with we opened Photoshop and placed the bus stop image onto the canvas, then we placed the poster on another layer on top of the bus stop. After this we lowered the opacity of the poster enough that we could see the light from the original electronic poster behind. Once this was done we went to Edit > Transform > Distort, this then allowed us to distort the image to fit the template of the bus stop poster allowing us to replace the original poster. After matching the corners of the new poster with the template correctly, we increased the opacity back up to 100% again, so that the image underneath was not visible through the new poster.

Once we had the image completed, as a finishing touch we added an inner shadow to the new poster to make it look more natural and realistic.

InDesign booklet:

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I continued the theme that I decided on with having images as the backgrounds for each page, and I also continued with the theme of the step effected titles. I like the way that I have laid out my pages so far, and I think that it looks professional and clean but also simple and basic which makes it easier to read the text.

University of Kent Radio Station:

When we went to the radio station on the University of Kent we learned about pre-recorded radio shows, and we were given multiple learning sessions about how to do the best possible whilst in the studio recording and also when editing the audio afterwards. We were then given the chance to get into groups and come up with a feature to go into the studio and record and edit it.

Personally, I really enjoyed this experience as I was not very well-informed on the radio industry and I found myself really enjoying the contents of it, and I may even consider looking into potentially getting into the radio industry.