This week I spent majority of my time continuing my InDesign work. 

I started to focus more on the look of my booklet rather than just gaining more skills on the software this week, so I began to gather the images that I wanted to include in my product, and I created my contents page, and decided on a simple and clean-looking theme to go throughout my entire booklet.

I decided that I wanted each page to have an image as the background, and then put the text as the foreground, which I think has worked out well, the way that I oped it would.

My contents page and first story page:

Contents page screengrabStory 1 page grab

Both of the background images were photos that I took myself when I have visited the area on multiple occasions, and I was very satisfied with the way that the images made the booklet come to life, in the sense that it looked exactly as I had imagined it.

I chose to blend the background colour of the page with the image on the contents page because I wanted it to look effected, and I wanted o text to b completely visible, so that there was no issue for everyone being able to read the writing clearly.

I also chose to make my story title for my first story in a step like format because it is the start of another theme throughout my booklet – all of the titles of my stories are in the same format, and I like the way that it has resulted in looking, and I am satisfied with it.