This week was mainly spent on making the final touches to my InDesign booklet, and making sure it was to the standards and design that I wanted it.

The main things that I completed on my booklet this week were my front and back covers:

front cover grabback cover grab

I decided that I wanted my booklet to look professional and impressive but also at the same time rather minimalistic, so I decided that I wanted one image on my front cover with a simple title, and just a simple image on the back cover.

I wasn’t too sure on whether the back image would fit well with my booklet considering the themes throughout, but I decided in the end that it looked good, and almost continued to educate any readers because my final story is actually about the history of the towers in the image.

I also added my divider pages this week, and I decided again that they would be rather minimalist, so I went with importing one large image to spread across the double pages and then put a slight transparent effect on them and a gradient feather.

coast grabtowers grabtowers 2 grab

These images were a way for me make my booklet a little longer and stop all of my stories from being too close together.

The last thing that I added into my booklet design this week was my map. Although my map is slightly blurry as of the moment – it will be fixed, I am satisfied with the outcome of the page, as I need the readers to know the walk that the stories I have written will take them along.

map grab.png

Here is a slide show of my entire booklet, with all the pages, in order:

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