This week I continued to write some of my stories, along with creating a mood board and beginning to use InDesign.


I’m currently still finishing the remaining three stories for my project and I’m not 100% satisfied with the two stories that I already have as I feel as though they are too short. However, I have done a lot of research to come up with the ideas that I have written so far. I have ended up going in a different direction with my writing than I originally planned to. Instead of writing fictional horror-like, I have resulted in writing stories that are more based on the history of the area although they are still fictional scenarios.

Here’s a little snippet from my first story:

However historians have concluded that although some of the allegations received may be slightly far-fetched, it can be confirmed that a sword fight in the 1800s most definitely did take place on this very cliff.

After reading over the results of the slight change in genre, I have decided that writing in a historical way is the best approach considering that the location of my walk is partially a historical site.



The explanation and descriptions of my moodboard are in a separate blog post already written and posted.

Creating a moodboard for this project really helped me to get an understanding of the visual side of the final product, as it allowed me to decide and plan out the colour schemes and visual aspects of the whole thing.



This week we began to learn how to use Adobe InDesign, which is a program that allows you to turn a flat-plan into the product that you imagine it being.

To begin with we learned how to insert an image and resize and shape it, depending on how we want it to look. We also learned how to insert text and change the colours, fonts and designs to fit how we want our stories to be presented with the images to go with them.