This week we recorded the audio to one of our stories that we were going to use. By doing this it gave us some experience and familiarity with recording our stories. Due to my story being a narrative piece without character dialogue, I used my own voice rather than having others record it for me.

When recording we went to a separate room so that there was not any noise behind my voice in the audio and so that my voice was clearly heard.

I decided that I also wanted some sound effects to go behind my voice but the noises that I needed were sounds that we would not have been able to get in college, so I decided that I would try find an online site that I could download these sound effects for free.

We also looked at interviewing techniques this week, and carried out an interview with a fellow class member.

Leasa showed us a video giving us interviewing tips, and things that would help us when interviewing others to make it successful.

The tips given were:

  1. Express appreciation
  2. Give the reason of the interview
  3. Explain the goal of the interview
  4. Determine the duration of the interview
  5. Increase the interviewees’ confidence – Tell them false answers do not exist
  6. Anonymity
  7. Check for questions
  8. Start with general, easy questions
  9. Summarise and check
  10. Getting deeper into personal values
  11. Directing towards solutions

After this, I looked at a professional example of an interview:

When I watched this interview I noticed how the interviewer made the subject of the interview clear and then proceeded to ask general questions before going deeper into the topic.

I then carried out my own interview on my classmate Beren. Some of the questions I asked him were:

Q: Where did you choose to do your walk? And why?

Q: What genre did you decide to do your project?

Q: What are your aims for the project?

Q: Is there anything that you do on a daily basis that has influenced the direction that you are taking your project?


One of the things I made sure to do throughout the interview was to keep it relaxed, because I wanted the interviewee to feel comfortable answering my questions without feeling hesitant.


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