Were you satisfied with the answers you got?

I was pleased with the answers I received in my interview as I feel as though I got to learn a lot more about my interviewee. In my opinion, this is because I ensured that I asked open questions which gave the interviewee more space to open up and give me more details in their answers.

Did you stick to your approach?

Yes. I stuck to my approach and I found it very useful as I made sure that I sounded approachable and I ensured that I started with generic and basic questions before delving further into personal values and beliefs of the interviewee.

When you asked your questions, were you easy to understand?

Yes, I assume so. I think that considering the interviewee seemed to understand the questions I was asking with ease tells me that my voice was clear and easy to understand.

Did your body language (including eye contact) make your interviewee want to talk? How did you go about this?

Yes, I believe so. I made sure that when I was asking my questions that I was looking at my interviewee so that they would be able to catch onto the tone of the questions they were being asked. I also ensured that when my interviewee was answering and speaking back to me that I was focussing on what they were saying by looking at them so that they were aware that I was engaged in their responses.

Conduct and professionalism – did you know what you were talking about? Did you act professionally?

Before carrying out the interview I researched into what makes a good interview, and I learned that expressing your appreciation to the interviewee helps and that checking for any questions before starting makes the interview more successful. Another thing I made sure to do was research into what types of questions I could ask, and I made sure to cover the 5 W’s with my interview questions.

Did you come across any particular difficulties?

The main difficulty I came across was hearing other voices in the background of my audio. This was an issue as there were other people in the room also carrying out their own interviews which meant they were also trying to sound as clear as possible on their recordings, therefore they were also heard in the background of my audio.

What will you do differently next time?

Next time I would ensure that I use one of the recording devices provided by the college so that quality of sound is better, and I would also ensure that I am in a room alone with the interviewee so that there is no background noise and others cannot be heard behind the interview.