What is Prevent?

Prevent is a strategy that was put into place in 2011 to help stop the radicalisation of young people in today’s society. It is a method to try and stop extremism with the newer generations.

How do people become radicalised?

Radicalisati0n would be most likely to occur with those who are younger and easily influenced. Sometimes, if a person is unsure on their own beliefs then they would be influenced to believe in something that they are told about, or something that many people around them believe in.

Another aspect that could also allow people to become radicalised is anger. If a person is angry at society, or even angry at something more specific, then radicalisation would give them a way to release that anger.

What are the signs that someone is becoming radicalised?

One sign that someone is becoming radicalised would be a change in their behaviour. The way that someone acts is something that, when changed, is almost always obvious to those around them a lot. A change in someone’s behaviour or even their beliefs could suggest a change of heart, or could be a sign of extremism or radicalisation.

Who can help if you think someone is being radicalised?

Anyone who is around the person that is believed to be being radicalised can help them. Family and friends would most likely be the first to notice, or even schools or colleges. One method of help for this is:

  1. Recognise – Noticing the problem would be the first step as you need to recognise what is happening.
  2. Share – You need to share what you believe to be occurring with someone else and think of ways that you can help the person.
  3. Report – Go to someone professional to help the person, and find a way to backtrack and undo the influence that has already happened.

How can you, as a creative, make a difference to help the prevent strategy?

I think personally I could contribute to sharing awareness on the topic. I could use media platforms and work that I do in college to help people understand the topic and help people to understand the severity of the subject.