To complete this task I used Adobe Photoshop to create a page for my poem on homelessness and a poster for the charity Porchlight.

To create my page for my poem I simply chose a background image, I decided on a black and white dandelion image and I set it as the background of the canvas. Once this was done I drew a text box and pasted my poem into it. I then changed the blending options of the writing. I lowered the opacity and added a stroke and increasing the size of the stroke.

To create my poster for the charity I simply added all the layers of images, putting the yellow and purple Porchlight background on top of the image of the young boy and I lowered the opacity of the Porchlight background so that the boy was visible and I changed the effect of the background to dissolve. This gave the poster a look that I liked, so I then added the two Porchlight logos and added my tag line. I finally tampered with the opacity of the text and logos until I was satisfied with them.