This week we learned how to use Photoshop to create a magazine cover. The final result of my magazine cover is the image above. An example of a genuine Vogue magazine cover alongside my own version is below.

The first step to creating this cover was creating a blank canvas on Photoshop and ensuring the settings were on international paper and RGB colouring. After this I chose a simple portrait image of a celebrity with a plain and basic background and placed it onto my canvas – enlarging it to fit across the whole size of the A4 sheet.

Once I had completed this, I started to insert the text. I wrote the words that I felt fit the cover and the star on the front, and then chose the font that looked the closest to Vogue’s title font, and then a font that looked good with the rest of the cover.

I’m not sure I have captured the essential Vogue look in my magazine cover, however I am pleased with my final result considering this was my first ever time using Adobe Photoshop.