How effective was your survey?

I think my survey was very effective as it gave me the responses, and figures that I will be using later on in my article, and it has given me the extra information necessary for me to write a good journalistic piece of writing.

I think that my questions were quite well written in general, but if I were to rewrite any, to improve, I may have explained what the question was asking a little clearer.

Explain the limitations:

One limitation of the survey was that I could not limit who could answer the questions, and I could not put an age limit to stop anyone over a certain age from answering the questions. Another limitation was that I have no idea who answered what for each question, as the responses are all anonymous meaning I cannot know or name anyone who has answered my questions.

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I would use questions that would get me the responses I needed, but also keep them simple and basic, and make them questions that wouldn’t require much background knowledge of the topic at hand.