Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research is a form of research that will give you measurable results, in a statistical form, relating to measuring the quantity. This form of research is generally used to collect information from a large population, and entails closed questions.


  • Clear information – precise
  • Random results
  • Not as time consuming if you do it online

This form of research is faster, and gives you clear and precise information, which would then be presented in a statistical format.


  • Not detailed
  • Could be biased
  • Hard copies are costly
  • More people are required
  • Non-emotive

The lack of detail in this form of research would be a disadvantage because there is no background information to the person from any random result that you receive, therefore the answers could be biased.

Qualitative Research:

Qualitative research is a form of research that gives you opinions and results would be in a descriptive and written format. This form of research is generally carried out with smaller populations and this form includes open questions and opinion based questions.


  • Detailed responses
  • Questions aren’t bound to yes or no answers
  • Emotional responses

This form of research is detailed and open questioned, therefore the results and responses received from the public are more emotional, and in depth.


  • Time consuming
  • Usually more expensive
  • Could be biased
  • Difficult if you touch on a sensitive topic for a member of the public
  • Long-winded – not as precise/not as factual

Qualitative research is a longer process, and generally more costly, and more often than not will provide you with as many facts and statistics.