The skills I have learned this week are transcribing, effective questioning and how to carry out a vox pop. These skills would be use in the media industry for the purpose of research. Research is a huge part of the media industry because quite frankly, without it, there wouldn’t be a media industry – in order to talk and report on things you need to know enough about them. Vox pops would be used in the industry to gather the general public’s opinion, and to see the different views of the public. Effective questioning gives an interviewer the exact information that they need, and they are easy to understand. Transcribing would be used in the media industry to record the answers received throughout a vox pop, or interview. Transcribing allows there to be both an audio and physical version of an interview.

My Strengths and Weaknesses:

Personally, I think I am very good at the transcribing aspect of these skills as it is an easy task, and is simply just writing down what is said on the recording. I also think my questions that I produced were rather effective as I received the answers that I needed, and I also found that the questions were basic and easily understood. However, with the vox pop aspect of these skills I think that I could have improved by having a little more confidence in myself whilst talking to others on the street.

These three skills are very important to the media industry, but in specific, journalists. Journalists need to be able to get good quality research for their writing, otherwise there is no physical evidence that what they are reporting is the truth. Therefore, as a journalist you would need to be a good researcher. The skills talked about here are also very relevant to getting a job in industry as research is a vital part of the media industry because facts are needed to write a publish-worthy piece of writing.