Toni Butcher Journalism

UNIT 10: Typography (Celia)

This week we looked at typography and learned about ways to edit text for our product names. Continue reading “UNIT 10: Typography (Celia)”


UNIT 9: Week Five (Greg)

We spent this week looking into script writing for documentaries, as well as the important factors needed to make a good documentary. Continue reading “UNIT 9: Week Five (Greg)”

UNIT 9: Week Four (Greg)

This week we focused on theatre script-writing. Continue reading “UNIT 9: Week Four (Greg)”

UNIT 9: Week Three (Greg)

This week we focused on film and showing not telling. Showing and not telling is when you describe something to the audience without actually telling them. Continue reading “UNIT 9: Week Three (Greg)”

UNIT 10: Slideshow

Using all the ideas that I’ve come up with over the last couple of weeks, I carried out some research to look into products that are similar to the book I am aiming to produce.  Continue reading “UNIT 10: Slideshow”

UNIT 10: Influence and feedback (Celia)

This week we shared our ideas for our project with the rest of the class and we received feedback from them to give us constructive criticism and also to give us some new ideas. Continue reading “UNIT 10: Influence and feedback (Celia)”

UNIT 10: Week Five (Celia)

This week we began to narrow down what the product that we want to create for this project is using SMART objectives.

Continue reading “UNIT 10: Week Five (Celia)”

UNIT 10: Week Three/Four – Moodboards (Celia)

This week we continued our research on children between the ages of 5-11, and the things that they enjoy, such as films and TV shows that they watch, toys they place with and the kinds of places that they like going to. Continue reading “UNIT 10: Week Three/Four – Moodboards (Celia)”

UNIT 9: Week Two (Greg)

This week we started to look at target audiences, character descriptions and news writing skills. Continue reading “UNIT 9: Week Two (Greg)”

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