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UNIT 13: Proposal First Draft (Greg)

Continue reading “UNIT 13: Proposal First Draft (Greg)”


UNIT 12: Research Report & Pack (Greg)

This week I focused on writing up my research report, and finishing my research pack.  Continue reading “UNIT 12: Research Report & Pack (Greg)”

UNIT 12: Three Industry Examples

This week I wrote up my research findings regarding my three industry professionals. Continue reading “UNIT 12: Three Industry Examples”

UNIT 11: Work Experience & University (Greg)

The Aim of Unit 11 is for us to reflect, identify and prepare for our future plans – in my case that is University. Continue reading “UNIT 11: Work Experience & University (Greg)”

UNIT 12: Week Three (Greg)

This week I focused on writing the first draft of my introduction and starting some of my research. Continue reading “UNIT 12: Week Three (Greg)”

UNIT 12: Week Two (Greg)

Following last weeks work of deciding on my hypothesis question for my final major project, this week I began thinking about the research that I want to carry out, how I will do so and also the different industry examples I can look more into as my three industry examples for the research report. Continue reading “UNIT 12: Week Two (Greg)”

UNIT 11: Website (Celia)

Online Portfolio Website  Continue reading “UNIT 11: Website (Celia)”

UNIT 12: Week One (Greg)

This week we were introduced to Unit 12. We had a sit down session with Greg and we went through what we need to do for this unit.  Continue reading “UNIT 12: Week One (Greg)”

UNIT 11: Research (Celia)

For unit 11, we were focusing on progression and showing our progression through either a CV or a website.  Continue reading “UNIT 11: Research (Celia)”

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