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UNIT 10: Influence and feedback (Celia)

This week we shared our ideas for our project with the rest of the class and we received feedback from them to give us constructive criticism and also to give us some new ideas. Continue reading “UNIT 10: Influence and feedback (Celia)”


UNIT 10: Week Five (Celia)

This week we began to narrow down what the product that we want to create for this project is using SMART objectives.

Continue reading “UNIT 10: Week Five (Celia)”

UNIT 10: Week Three/Four – Moodboards (Celia)

This week we continued our research on children between the ages of 5-11, and the things that they enjoy, such as films and TV shows that they watch, toys they place with and the kinds of places that they like going to. Continue reading “UNIT 10: Week Three/Four – Moodboards (Celia)”

UNIT 9: Week Two (Greg)

This week we started to look at target audiences, character descriptions and news writing skills. Continue reading “UNIT 9: Week Two (Greg)”

Rolling News Story (Tom)

This week in Tom’s session we looked at how to write a rolling news story.  Continue reading “Rolling News Story (Tom)”

UNIT 10: PowerPoint & Presentation (Celia)

The task for this blog post was to research different mediums that we could use for my product. Continue reading “UNIT 10: PowerPoint & Presentation (Celia)”

UNIT 9: Week One (Greg)

This week we began looking at different mediums of writing, an editing method called decluttering, and writing exercises.  Continue reading “UNIT 9: Week One (Greg)”

UNIT 10: Week One (Celia)

When we came back after the summer break, we were briefed on unit ten, and what we would be doing with Celia up until Christmas. Continue reading “UNIT 10: Week One (Celia)”

FMP: Final Magazine

This week I finished my magazine named “Movement”. Continue reading “FMP: Final Magazine”

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